Sunday, October 16, 2011

SEO optimization techniques improve the analysis of competitors

seo optimization in the operation of a project, the first thing is the situation according to their website to find relevant competitor station, find out their optimized keywords, outside the chain of construction, architecture methods, etc., through the rival station effective analysis to optimize their site will get better results. Especially in the novice does not know how to seo optimization when a search can be considered under the key words in the search engines view the next row in front of some of the information related to a competitor's site. Many novice may want to ask you how seo research and analysis of competitors stand? Here we illustrate the Yi River Shanghai SEO and what should the next analysis:

first: website optimization for companies received, we can First, to determine the key words, but because many seoer for all enterprises owned industries are not very understanding, and to determine what customers do not understand the words better, then the best way is to search in the search engines under the top surface of the relevant business The site with the keywords, keywords in the title to view the full expression, and as long as the analysis of the site title on it, and then combined with their own business needs to be done to determine the key words,

second : write title, description, keywords. In determining good keywords is to do next after we change the title and description of content, how to change, we can analyze to determine a competitor's site under the title and describe the content. Because the front row of the website in the search engines always have the advantage of its place, there is always the search engine to give reasons for its high weight, which we can start with the title and description found.

Third: Through the above two points we can analyze the site and the general direction of future development around the key words. Here the more important point is that the overall structure of the site, which is particularly important is the home page navigation and layout, as well as keyword density. Other sites by analyzing the navigation column to determine the words and layout where site need revision, optimize the site preparation work done before adequate for future maintenance and optimization play a very good cushion effect. Keyword density can be found by looking for keywords, website keywords to rank high in the distribution of each page, we need to learn the key.

Fourth: In addition to content and the inside pages of the title is also very important, in addition to research studies when the other site page, but also within view of each page to see other people's content and the title is how to determine the , the breadcrumbs to do so, add relevant reading skills and so on. As we all know the details determine success or failure, if found insufficient competition in some areas, while he did it, it is also a competitive advantage.

last: the importance of outer chain for the site we all know, analysis of competitors outside the chain is the key to website optimization, because you may not know much about this industry, do not know what the relevant forums or related outside the chain's website, then Yahoo, Baidu's domain or outside the chain can help to you, top-ranking sites outside the chain certainly do very successfully, these two methods can be analyzed by standing where made under other outside the chain, but also to register their release. Of course, competition is not necessarily hostile, when the Friends of the chain in the exchange because both belong to the same industry, the relevance of the Friends of the chain can increase the weight of the site, the analysis also can be exchanged under Links.

by more than one way, I believe we have for how to analyze the competitors have some understanding, imitation is part of the analysis, the most important thing is to play to their strengths, beyond is the most important. This article first by the owners Yi River, please indicate.

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