Friday, May 17, 2024

Optimize keyword extraction

 The method of optimizing keyword selection aims to narrow the gap between me and my competitors.


The tool to be used is the Keyword Gap in SEMrush. The method used is actually very simple, just put my target address and the target address of competitors in the tool for search.

After a simple search, the tool will provide the ranking keyword difference results between us. These results mainly include keywords that both I and my competitors have, and keywords that my competitors have but I do not have.


What we need to focus on is the keywords that our competitors have but we don't. Usually, I would search for these "he has me not" keywords one by one in search engines and observe two points.

Firstly, whether the search results match the content of my webpage. If they match, there is a possibility of the next step. If they do not match, simply abandon the keyword. Secondly, looking at the level of competition in natural search results, if the competition is really fierce, there is no need to take the next step.

Basically, after this step of operation, we will filter out many keywords that are "he has me not". The next step is to see which specific page to throw these keywords into for layout.

If your website doesn't have much content and you are very familiar with your website content, you naturally know where each keyword is going. But once the content increases, the practical operation of this method will become very difficult, which means we need to think of some other methods.

The solution I am currently using is to look at similar results in the Google Webmaster tool. For example, if keyword A is very similar to a keyword on our webpage, I would consider placing that keyword A on this specific page. This operation method is similar to LSI, and it is not very troublesome to operate in practice.

Basically, after going through the above two steps, I know what the keywords for "he has what I don't have" are, and the general direction of these keywords. The next step is to add new content.

As for content updates, there is no way to share the system's process because it cannot be standardized, as there are still significant differences between articles. However, the method I often use is to insert a new paragraph into the article or add a new paragraph at the end of the article for the newly added keyword.


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